Member Benefits

The Key objectives

  • To promote usage of Polyurethanes in India
  • To maintain the highest standards for protection of the environment and safety in the polyurethane industry
  • To provide adequate skilled manpower for the industry by education and training
  • To achieve and maintain the highest ethical standards
  • To represent the industry's view point to various Central, State Government and other bodies
  • To build up a fellowship bond amongst the members

    Reason to join the IPUA (Benefits of IPUA)

  • Recognition on national / international level for special achievements / innovations / growth etc.
  • Industry updates on events and technologies
  • Effective representation with the GOI and State Governments
  • Technical problem guidance and support
  • A platform for effective Interaction within the industry members
  • Safety, health and environment related issues
  • Technical assistance and guidance
  • Application and market development guidance
  • HPMP Program related developments, Interaction
  • Opportunity to be part of the growth of polyurethane industry in India
  • Opportunity to participate in National / International fora through exhibitions / seminars / workshops etc.
  • Fellowship amongst the members for development of business - Networking / Crisis Management / Brand India Promotion etc.